Plastic cap-1090

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Double sided digital printing

Plastic Cap USB Drive

One of the most classic custom USB drives, the plastic cap USB drive is a highly functional and economical way to make your next exhibition giveaway stand out.

Each plastic drive is made with high-quality flash memory. Any size memory is available from 8 to 32 gigabytes, and a variety of colours are available to help you make a bold statement.

Choose from:

  • Black
  • White
  • Green
  • Red
  • Blue

Help your branded giveaway stand out with our high-quality screen printing or double-sided digital printing. Each side of this custom USB drive offers a perfect surface for bold, colourful printing that showcases your brand’s logo, or any other graphic you prefer.

These sleek custom USB drives measure 74x20x7mm and weigh only 11 grams, and can be easily stowed away in a pocket or bag.

Beyond our double-sided digital printing or screen printing services, we offer additional services that make it even easier to create a lasting impression for your give away recipient.

At USBDuplication, we can provide advanced security measures or autorun features. We can also preload your drives with your marketing materials, photos, videos, catalogues, video instructions, or any other data you need with our data preload services.

Whatever your needs, USBDuplication can help you make a lasting impression.