Leather USB Drive

For the discerning brand, our leather USB drive makes it easy to communicate luxury and craftsmanship with your next give away. Each drive features an elegant look that commands attention, making it one of the most impactful branded giveaway items your company can invest in.

Each drive features a beautiful brushed silver exterior that’s wrapped in soft, buttery black leather to create the ultimate look of luxury. At 100x50x10mm in size and 50g in weight, these drives have a weight and size that commands attention.

Inside, high-quality flash memory allows you to store your most important marketing materials, photos, or videos with our data preload service. Or, keep the drives blank and allow your customer or client to put anything they like on the drive.

These luxury leather flash drives are available in any memory size from 8 to 32 gigabytes. We hot stamp each drive with your company’s logo, or a graphic of your choice. By using a hot stamp, we’re able to ensure that your graphic stands out in stunning relief on the quality leather surface of the drive.

Beyond hot stamp services, we also offer several more services to help you get the most from your drives. We can preload your data on each drive, so it’s ready to go as soon as it arrives. We can also add additional security features or program drives to autorun once they’re plugged in.

Whether you’re looking to maximise your impact with your next exhibition giveaway, offer your clients or customers a small token of your appreciation, or provide important information in a creative way, USBDuplication has all of the custom solutions you need to make a lasting impression.