what can customized usb drives do for you?

our services

full customization

Add your branding or unique design

and choose from hundreds

of different USB flash drives

high quality digital print

Personalize each individual USB

with photos, names and more

with our digital printing service

preload data

Preload data onto a customised USB.

Send it to us, it will be added

and ready for distribution

Bussiness Card

Stand out from the crowd. Distribute USB business cards loaded with your personal information or important data. The best part, the USB cards can fit into any wallet.

Marketing Materials

A simple way for data distribution. Hand out a USB loaded with your company's information at any conference or exhibition. Not only will you save on paper, but your information will be readily available, anytime.

Visual Instructions

Add full on instructional videos or materials to any USB. Use them for training purposes and let people follow step by step instructions with preloaded information or tutorials.


We can customise different types of data on every USB. Including, lesson plans, yoga instructions, reports, graphic design courses & more. We offer fully secured data encryption for your USB flash drive.


Store over 10,000 photos per USB. From Wedding photos to graduation and company events, have all of your memories saved in one place that is easily accessible.

Photo Albums

Photographers are able to easily create a professional & presentable platform to deliver their work. Easily store photo albums & videos to any USB or use our business card USB to leave an everlasting impression on your clients.

Music & Videos

A convenient way to store music, videos and more. With a massive 32 GB per USB, you can keep thousands of songs and videos while maintaining the highest quality & share them with your mates.


No need to waste heaps of paper. USB's can store anything and everything you need. Save an average of 1,000 trees every day by distributing materials using our USB's.